Happiness vs. Joy

Everybody has pain–it’s an inevitable and sad fact of life. To put it simply, life can really suck. Although everyone has their own cross to bear, how do some people emanate an inner joy while others often seem dispirited?

Joy is different than happiness. Happiness is the feeling one gets in a moment of excitement or elation, for example, going out to ice cream or having a good hair day. Joy doesn’t always look like a radiant sunbeam or a bright yellow smiley face. When one is having a horrible day, horrible week, or even a horrible month, it can be very hard to skip off into a sunset swinging a basket full of daisies. It can be very hard to feel that kind of pleasure. But joy… joy is the strength to pick yourself up when you fall, the still small voice whispering that it’s going to be okay, the courage to keep walking through the pitch black and into the light, not seen, but sensed.


2 thoughts on “Happiness vs. Joy

  1. Such truth. The fact that you described this difference so succinctly displays not just your wisdom, but the incredible writing talent you have an are cultivating. Mark Twain and Blaise Pascal both wrote about the time-consuming art and talent of brevity. You’ve got it!

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