Numbness or Passion?

Imagine there are two pills on a table. One pill will promise no pain, no sorrow, no grief–at the expense of all joy. Essentially, pill number one will numb all emotions. The second pill will present you with intense passion–intensifying both your grief and your joy.

Which do you choose?

Consider the pros and cons of each choice. Everybody would love a life without having to shed a single tear, a future guaranteed to be lacking heartbreak. But a future also lacking joy, the feeling of triumph, and sheer happiness? I’m not sure I would be willing to make that trade. While all of us know that sorrow is a powerful and heart-stabbing force, do we not remember that joy is capable of the same power?

There was a time in my own life in which numbness was a good friend of mine. As days passed by, I let myself settle deeper and deeper into the suffocating pillow of dullness, apathy, and monotony. That’s exactly what numbness is–a suffocating pillow. While it may seem inviting and comfortable at first glance, the deeper you settle in, the more suffocating and dangerous it becomes. After spending much time with numbness, one may resort to drastic measures in order to escape this pillow–food, the internet, or shopping to name a few.

After I finally exited the numbness, I was filled with passion. Both my joy and sorrow increased, but out of this passion came some of my greatest works of literature. The methods I had been using to stop feeling the nothingness were only driving me in the wrong direction–once I stopped these behaviors, I started engaging in healthier activities.

We all want to feel joy. Sadly, joy and pain are partners, and we must experience both somewhere along the road. Believe me, passion is far greater than numbness. Wake up! Write, read, go for a jog, smell the roses–but don’t let apathy and monotony get the best of you!


One thought on “Numbness or Passion?

  1. I am amazed that at such a young age you get it. I so appreciate your willingness to be transparent and let us see you – all of you. I learn from you daily. Thank you and keep it coming!

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