Guilt and Diamonds

This year hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. (I hate cliches, but this one is necessary.) It’s been more of a run-for-your-life in ancient Pompeii. I’ve done a lot of stupid things. Shameful things, hurtful things, dangerous things. Although I’ve refocused my life, it is still difficult to deal with guilt.

As much as I’d like to, I don’t loaf around all day thinking about what I’m going to blog about next. Well, okay, that’s only on Friday afternoons. My point is that I do have a life to tend to, feelings to deal with, and my own little history.

Parts of this little history are things I’m not proud of, especially February and most of March. Last night I was overcome with the shame of these short months, a tangle of guilt and regret. It was only until about 8:00 that I began emerging from my wretched state.

I’m still a princess. Just because I’ve screwed up in the past doesn’t change my royalty. (I am referring to my belief that I’m a child of God.) Everybody messes up; everybody falls down; everyone has times in their lives they’re not proud of. Guilt shouldn’t hinder us, rather, it should shape us to become better people.

The analogy I frequently use is the diamond. I’m not scientist, but I know that diamonds begin as coal. It is only under stress and great heat that they become the sparkling jewel. Diamonds are the strongest jewels–but still profoundly beautiful.

Today, don’t let your guilt hinder you. Aspire to be the diamond. Through your hardship, remember that the stress and heat is necessary to become that beautiful jewel.


One thought on “Guilt and Diamonds

  1. Beautiful Abigail. I am blessed that you have come back to the reality of who you are in Christ. hang in there beautiful princess!


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