Marrying a guy named Alabaster

I’m one of those girls who daydreams about her future and plans out every detail of her wedding before she’s even met the guy. Because I have no preoccupations at the moment, I am going to discuss with you my dream life. Of course it won’t all turn out this way, but it’s always a joy to plan.

I’m going to meet a dashing young poet named Alabaster Orion Wolff while I’m a junior in college. He’ll have medium brown hair and striking blue eyes–but most of all, he’ll be a complete gentleman. You know, the sort of man that respects his parents, treats a woman right, and helps elderly people cross the street. I find polite guys extremely attractive.

Alabaster will propose to me on October 23rd, 2020 in a beautiful autumn park. We’ll be married on April 10th, 2021. I’ve decided the wedding colors will be light pink and gold, because they look good on me and go nicely with the season. My honeymoon will be in the gorgeous Mediterranean city of Cassis, France.

Alabaster and I will move to the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and live in a secluded area a few miles from a small town.

I’ll have my first child on April 29th, 2023–a little girl named Dawn Lily. Two years later we’ll have Evening Daffodil, and Alistair Ocean in 2026. I’m not sending my kids to public school, rather, I will homeschool them up through second grade. After that I will find put them through private school. Dawn, Evening, and Alistair will be immersed in poetry and creativity.

And, of course, I’m going to publish several novels.

Excuse my rambling, but I love dreaming about my future.


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