Yesterday evening was a very chaotic time in my household. In order to clear my mind and think a little, I took a long walk to a park near where I live. Towards the back of the park near the baseball field are a small set of bleachers. A few months ago, a guy and I did some stuff we shouldn’t have done there. You know, the things that make me feel shameful and guilty. However, when I reached the bleachers, the setting was nothing like that chilly March day. In fact, it was teeming with life and activity. Little children played ball in the fields with excited parents cheering on the bleachers. From atop the hill I was perched on, I heard the high-pitched singing of the ice cream truck as a soft breeze played at my face. It was then that I realized how different everything is. It’s a nice kind of different. A refreshing kind of a different, a freedom, a sheer bliss. I’m so glad that those bleachers have been ‘redeemed.’


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