The Modern Atlas

Many of you may know the Greek myth–Atlas holding the world upon his shoulders. I’ve always been quite fascinated with the story. Perhaps the rain is really Atlas’ sweat as the weight bears down…actually, that’s disgusting. Never mind.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because mankind has been on my mind. Again. I’m always talking about this sort of thing, aren’t I?

When I hustle through the hallways of my school, I glance at my fellow students. Okay, I’ll admit, many of them are complete imbeciles. But I can’t help but feel such great compassion for them–for everyone’s pain.

What if one person could take the entire world’s pain upon their shoulders. Yes, it would make that person’s life a living hell…but the rest of the world would be living in bliss. I’d make that sacrifice. Even if it meant giving up everything, I’d do it for the world. My loved ones. My community. I’d be the modern Atlas.

Has anyone else felt this way? Discuss your thoughts.

That is your daily dose of my strangeness for the day.


3 thoughts on “The Modern Atlas

  1. I definitely feel that, but I think what’s worse is that no one seems to notice. I literally make myself sick because I’m working so hard to be a good student, a good friend, a good christian. And it always feels like I get nothing in return, people can’t even see my pain, much less reciprocate how much I work for them to me.

  2. I’ve definitely felt that way before. I’ll ache for people I barely know and wish that I could help somehow.
    What amazes me is that Jesus did exactly that. He didn’t just take our sin, but he has made available joy and healing from our pain. I am sad though that few people realize it. He doesn’t force his help on us. We have to reach out and accept it. I’ll ache for him even, sometimes. How he must be feeling the pain twice as much because he not only went through it all once, but he goes through it again when he watches us try to struggle through our pain on our own.

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