Shatter the Beginning

“Every new beginning is another new beginning’s end.” -Closing Time by Semisonic

My eighth grade year is coming to a close tomorrow. As the year finishes, I remember this line from one of my favorite songs. Once upon a time I was a seventh grader, eager to start afresh in a new year.

Sadly, I count this year as a failure. What did I accomplish? I slacked off; I engaged in dangerous activities; I wallowed in misery and self-hatred, and I betrayed myself. Yes, I’ve learned from those mistakes now. But that can’t make up for all the lost time. I was lazy, sad all the time, rebellious, and…numb. So, so numb. I forgot that I was the freaky writer girl and instead became the girl who fell apart all the time.

So I’m shattering this beginning. It was inevitable, anyway. I want to prove to people that I can be strong. I can keep my grades up because I am capable. I can live in the truth because I know it.

I’m ready, summer. I’m ready, high school. Watch out, world–there’s a shooting star flying your way.


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