Banana Pudding Life

Creamy, delectable banana pudding pie sits on a plate before you. After taking in the beautiful sight, you plunge your fork into the dessert and bring it your watering mouth.

It has a pungent, repulsive taste.

You wonder what went wrong. Disappointed, you spit out your bite and wash the taste out of your mouth. About the halfway through the day, you realize that you forgot to put the pudding pie in the fridge. It had been sitting out for several days unnoticed!

We humans can be compared this dessert. When we forget to take time off and care for ourselves, it’s only a matter of time before we sour. There is a difference between being lazy and taking a necessary break. In addition to having a sour attitude, we start to lash out at the people we love due to all the stress.

So, my friends–are you in the fridge? Or have you let yourself sit out and go bad?


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