High school…

Yes, I’m an abnormal writer. I see the world at a different angle, and I don’t always make sense to normal kids. At the end of the day, however, I’m still a teenage girl. I still have the some of the same worries and hopes I’m sure my peers have. Well, here they are, folks. School starts tomorrow, and I’m getting rid of my “I’m so confident about starting fresh” facade.

  1. Academics. This is my greatest fear. I mean, it’s high school! I may have gotten away with mediocrity through middle school, but it stops here. I’m confident that I have the ability to do incredibly well, but I’m not so confident that I’ll be able to focus on my studies. My creative brain is so easily distracted! If I spend my time screwing around with my head in the clouds, it won’t matter how much raw intelligence I have–I’ll be sure to fail.
  2. Social groups. Specifically in the cafeteria, where cliquishness runs free and wild. Lunchtime is one of the most terrifying school experiences ever. Students are less supervised, for one thing. (Lunch monitors don’t do a single thing except tell you to dispose of your trash correctly. They might as well not be there.) What should happen if I were to pick the wrong table, or worse, end up sitting all alone? 
  3. Comparisons. My genius older brother will be a senior this year. I’m nervous that the teachers will only think of me as “Ian’s little sister” and expect me to be just as smart as he is. It has happened in the past, and it will probably happen again.
  4. Time. There are so many clubs and activities I could do, I just won’t be able to pick and also get good grades! Time is far more important to me than money (though that’s probably because of my age), and I so wish there were more than twenty-four hours in a day.
  5. Excess competition. My school is known for being competitive. I’ve talked to friends, read articles, and gathered things from the overall atmosphere at orientation and other similar events. Get ahead, don’t get left in the dust! Move, move, move!

I’ve glorified high school my entire life, and now, as the moment draws near, I wonder if the pedestal I’ve put it on is simply too high to climb.



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