I’m a water balloon!

Earlier today in my first class, I was overcome by the love of Jesus. It wasn’t anything visible, so you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking at me, but I felt it deep in the core of the my heart. I felt its true ringing all within me. It rung so true that I needed to overflow into my school’s hallways. How can one just keep that sort of love to herself?

I have all this random compassion that I honestly don’t know what to do with. I find myself aching for the problems of my friends, acquaintances, and even people I’ve never talked to. What do I with this? I so want others to know Jesus, to know this life-altering love that I felt earlier today–but how? I’m a water balloon of compassion, and I could pop any moment. Feelings and emotions are raining from my life’s sky, and I can’t keep them all to myself. There’s so much on my mind! I’m overwhelmed. Questions, thoughts, wounds, random comments, inspirations, and ideas are everywhere. Someone needs to sit me down and let me talk on and on for about four hours about all that swims in my brain. If I start rambling, or if I suddenly start crying about nothing, I apologize.

But hey, it’s better than the numbness I used to live in.



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