Placing monetary value on human beings?

I must have been born with the ability to handle money. I’ve never been an impulsive spender, and I’ve never asked my parents for insane amounts of stuff. In fact, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by money. I compare it to the ocean–it’s wonderful, but must be feared and respected. Being in debt, I can imagine, is like drowning. You’re literally underneath where you should be.

So, when people have tried to convince me that I’m “priceless,” I’ve always had a bit of trouble with it. I understand what they’re trying to say. I’m valuable, worthwhile, and special. But priceless? So valuable that a price tag wouldn’t even apply? I can’t comprehend it.

Let me try to take this from a semi-logical standpoint. I wouldn’t describe myself as a logical thinker–I tend to live in my fantasy worlds and touch reality only when needed–but I can use logic, especially if I’m angry and need to throw hard facts at somebody.

I used to price myself around ten dollars. Obviously, with my improved self-esteem, I’d put myself much higher than that.

  • $100: Um, I’m definitely worth more than an iPod.
  • $1,000: What can one buy with a thousand bucks? A motor bike? I’ve got more worth than that.
  • $10,000: For a fourteen-year-old with no job, ten grand is a boatload of money. Actually, it’s a boatload of money for most people, I think. Still, I’d place more worth on myself.
  • $1,000,000: That much money could probably pay for the college tuition of all the Duggars on “19 kids and counting.” That much money could buy a nice house or several luxury cars. Heck, that much money could buy an iPhone for every kid in my school and its rival! I’ll put myself around 1.3 million. For a young blogger who’s done only a bit of volunteer work and lives under her parents’ roof, I think that’s a good sum of money.

I’m sure plenty of people will try to argue this point, but try thinking about it from a logical standpoint. Just do it, instead of immediately trying to defend your view. I believe that I have immense worth. Just like 1.3 million dollars. This is not a matter of low self-esteem. This is a matter of “Abigail was thinking about random things in the middle of the night and wanted to blog about it.” Everyone is precious. If you think your life is worth less than 1.3 million, you’re wrong.

Oh yeah, and I don’t support the sale and purchase of humans, okay? This has absolutely nothing to do with that at all.


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