Everyone in the whole world…

I remember keeping a prayer journal in third grade–a little green and blue notebook with pages full of nine-year-old hopes and dreams. My prayers usually started with my list of requests, and they ended like this.

“…and please help everyone in the whole world who’s hurting right now. Amen.”

Even back then, before life really slammed into me, I knew that there were people out there going through pain unimaginable to my young heart. I knew that the world was a hurting place, and I wanted it to be not as hurt anymore. It was just like that.

I’m constantly trying to help people, even if it’s just smiling at them or having a quick conversation with them. When I see someone else crying, I want to start crying, too. I wish there could be some way for me to reassure them, just be there for them. People, humans in general, are so broken. Everything’s upside down, and it hurts my heart.

I think I’m going to pray like a third-grader today.




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