Give me a reason to be hopeful.

I’m sick and tired of crap. Really. Whenever I hear these overenthusiastic, cheery, and often untrue statements, I want to fly into a rage and punch everyone.

“Look for the light at the end of the tunnel!”
“The day is always darkest before the dawn!”
“Life gets better! Just hold on!”
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain!”

Can’t you imagine the cheesy smiles and fake sincerity? I can. I’m so tired of hearing this. I want a real reason to be hopeful, not because some stupid quote told me to walk blindly and just “believe.” I don’t want to just believe, I want to see it for real. Give me evidence. Proof. Tell me why I should hold on.


One thought on “Give me a reason to be hopeful.

  1. I can’t say I can give you proof. But I can say that the world is not a rainbow maker, and if it is, it’s more like a rainbow factory, making people work harder and harder to please others by increasing the production rate of a stupid, glittery happiness that only covers the sadness within the world. But even those glittery words can be sincere. The people who say these things probably haven’t been through half the things you have, and they probably never will. However, they don’t have to have the same experiences to try to relate to you. Even if the rainbow factory is a profitable business, there are some who truly believe that “rainbows will come after sunshine.” And those are the people who wrote those quotes. Our minds tend to twist what others say into our own interpretations in times of hardship, and in this society where sarcasm and cynicism are common reactions to sunshiney things, it’s even encouraged to do so. But please see the warmth behind these words. The rainbow factory may try to manufacture happiness, but in the end, that happiness has a deeper meaning. Look closer.

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