Halloween/Holiday Rant

Halloween is supposed to be a fun day where you dress up as, I don’t know, a plastic bag or a princess, and get fun size Skittles from generous neighbors. (Don’t be the person who gives out toothbrushes. Never be that person.) Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems to have changed since when I was a little kid. Suddenly, many Halloween costumes are things I’d feel weird wearing alone in front of my own mirror. People are going out to parties,  some may be toilet-papering someone’s house. When did this happen? Did I totally miss some transformation from cute little kid to mature adult? I remember, as a little girl, promising I’d never be the teenager who eggs someone’s house. If society is expecting me to be that person, I’m going to prove it wrong. I’ll go trick-or-treating with my three friends and go to bed before midnight.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that holidays and fun events are being twisted. Thanksgiving, a time to remember our blessings, has become a time to eat until we feel sick. Notice that the very next day, Black Friday, is when people are trampled to death trying to get early-bird discounts. Christmas, for Christians, is supposed to be a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior. What has it become? One of the greediest, most materialistic holidays ever. (And yes, greed and materialism are rampant in many Christian homes just as they are in many others. I speak from experience.) Oh, how could I forget Easter? Stuffed bunnies, getting sick on marshmallow Peeps…it’s insane. It’s insane, also, how much these holidays are used for marketing. I could write fifty blogs on how advertising and marketing are affecting us in profound ways.

Anyway. As all the fun holidays are coming up, I felt that I needed to rant that. Wake up, America. Jeez.


4 thoughts on “Halloween/Holiday Rant

  1. Remember how I told you out society is embracing and encouraging sarcasm and cynicism? I suppose that might be a cause as well. Our generation is just so bored with the idea of pure fun and/or purely religious holidays that our minds try to twist holidays to fit our new, twisted needs for entertainment, because who wants to hear a story about the altruistic people in the Bible, or about Santa if they are all just lies? Over the course of human history, you’ll see this pattern reemerging over and over again. Religion was made to be an easy way to control the devout people. We twist such innocence to be a weapon, because we think we can’t survive without the so-called truth. And really, that’s all this is. Humanity’s search for the truth. But how will we find the truth by twisting the innocence of our race into a weapon, a shield against earnest feelings? Our whole race has become jaded with the passage of time. America isn’t the only one. Wake up, humanity.

    • Wow, this really twisted into something I didn’t intend for it to. What I wanted to say was that humanity wants to have fun, but it can’t do so without destroying something. But I think it can.

  2. yeah, i’m totally with you. i apparently haven’t grown up yet and as a senior am going out trick or treating. and those costumes…that’s the reason i’ve started to make my own.

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