I’m doing a rambling post. Not stopping for accuracy or grammatical errors. I’m just going to write without stopping.

Fruit snacks. Bananas. Music. What is life? Everything is a–I want a cup of hot chocolate. It should be balanced on a plate, so it doesn’t tip over. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Fifth grade. Fourth grade. Third grade. Loser. Losers. Loserette. Loserette isn’t a word. Why does everything have to be changed? It doesn’t make sense. Music. Music. Music. Music. Music. Music. Fruit snacks. We’re out of fruit snacks, aren’t we? Yeah, I checked yesterday. Did I? Yes. Yes. Yes. Music. Fruit snacks. Third grade. First grade. Eighth grade. No. No, not eighth grade. No. No. No. No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. What is wrong with me? I hate this blog. I’m so uninspired. Goodbye.

That was the worst thing I’ve ever written. I just wrote this post out of obligation, just like several of the recent posts. I’m running out of inspiration. I kept writing posts every day because my October stats blew through the roof, and I didn’t want to disappoint myself with a low month. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that this isn’t about the stats. This is about inspiring people. And if I can’t even do that, what’s the point of even blogging? What’s the point, if I’m just going to put out a poorly-written ramble?

I’ll blog when there’s stuff to blog about. Until then, seeya.



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