How teenagers are viewed/sick of generalizations

When I was little, I was afraid of teenagers because some of them looked really angry and tired all the time. Maybe a little sadistic. I never got too close to them. Some of them looked really grumpy, and they’d kick at your snowman while scowling and talking to themselves, pulling their jacket tighter.
From my teenage perspective, I understand it now. In fact, I actually did all those things today. The snowman didn’t fall over. It just wobbled. And I wouldn’t do that if anyone was watching–I’m not that cruel.

But seriously, how do people view us?

Overly scared people see teenagers as troublemakers who love to graffiti, have reckless sex lives, and smoke weed all day. That’s not really a good representation of us. I mean, there are always those few kids, but again–not all of us. Not most of us, either. You know what I do with my time? I sleep. I eat. I listen to my music and blog. Several of my friends are really into certain YouTubers. A lot of us join sports and clubs. We all do homework–well, most of us. Homework, homework, homework. School. Waking up early.

So, yeah. I’m kind of sick of generalizations. In fact, I’m not even like most “average” teenagers. You know what I do during lunch? I don’t talk to people (ew, social interaction). I work on creating my fictional culture. And you know what? I don’t care. That’s the difference between me in middle school and me now, I think. I’m not going to talk during lunch or wear Hollister skinny jeans. I’m not going to be another clone. I just don’t f-cking want to. If you have a problem with that, you can go live in the Land of Judgmental Assholes. Be my guest. I’ve heard it’s chilly there, though–might want to bring a jacket. Or will the fire you bring upon others keep you warm enough?


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