A Year of Broken Promises

I haven’t really made any New Year’s resolutions this year. I have in the past, but I don’t think I will this year. They’re pointless and silly, and bound to end up in a pile of empty, broken promises. Do you know how many people become gym members in January, only to quit altogether just a few months later? Life is difficult, let’s face it. No amount of gym memberships, pounds you promise to lose, or poems you hope to write will ever change that. Ever. The oversimplified, cheery optimism is sickening this time of year. Have you thought about the millions of things that could set you back from keeping your promise? Have you considered the possibility of this coming year being the worst ever? Of course, it’s always nice to think that 2014 will be a wonderful year, but the inevitable pain that is to come in the next twelve months is not to be ignored. Don’t rope yourself into promises you know that you cannot and will never keep. Doing so will only add to your crushing and debilitating sense of disappointment and failure next December. 

A good way to look at things is to expect the worst and assume doom in most situations. That way, it is almost certain to turn out better than expected. Setting one’s expectations low can give him or her a false sense of accomplishment. And wouldn’t you rather have a false sense of accomplishment than a very real sense of failure? Everybody wants to feel like a winner. So feel like that! Make sure you allow yourself to do so. 

In short, make goals, but never expect to achieve them. Make achieving them simply an extra bonus. Nobody wants to feel like a loser. So don’t. Don’t feel like a loser this year. Be a winner–a stagnant winner, but still a winner.

Make your resolution living. Live this year. Survive. That’s it.

Happy New Year! 


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