You who struggles

Dear you who struggles, 

One day, you will give and receive love like an open window in the summertime. You’ll be so filled with joy that you’ll blow kisses at the sky and laugh at the wind. You will come to the end of your foggy valley and squint your eyes in the beaming sun. It will be radiant–oh, how radiant! You’ll run, with energy and emotion returning to your lifeless soul. The pathways before you will be quite rocky, but never impossible. One day, you will see yourself as the flower that you are. You will dance with bliss in the majestic ballroom of life, and you will feel beautiful. The spark will return to your eyes. Your smile, shaped by the cruel knife of pain, will be more beautiful than ever it was before. The nights will cease to be long and tearful; you will slip into a sleep full of dreams and pleasantry. The days will not seem so pointless, nor will they be grey and meaningless. Your heart–oh, your unique, wonderful heart–will burn with love for life. 

But now, all you can see is your foggy valley. Oh, the foggy valley. I know that awful, wretched place. Take my hand and I’ll never let it go. But first promise me that you’ll never let go–on yourself, on your life–because it bursts with meaning just ahead. Heed my words and keep them in a corner of your fragile, bone-dry little soul. Take my hand, my love, and we’ll go through this together. 

You are so beautiful. I know that one day you will see that. 

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