Sorting Controversies (Harry Potter)

Some people are unhappy with, or perhaps unsure of, their placement in one of the four Houses at Hogwarts: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. Because the Sorting Hat doesn’t actually exist (sadly), the next best option is taking the quiz on Pottermore. 

The thing is, there’s quite a bit of overlap between the four Houses. Gryffindor is known for chivalry and bravery; Hufflepuff is known for loyalty and kindness. There’s some obvious overlap right there. Not everyone who’s intelligent and loves learning is placed into Ravenclaw–take Hermione, for instance. 

I love learning and trying new things. I’m creative and intelligent, too. Does that make me a Ravenclaw? With only that information, one might say so–but I’m not a Ravenclaw. I’m undoubtedly a Hufflepuff. In my opinion, one is Sorted based largely on what he or she values most. I deeply value loyalty, kindness, fairness, and hard work. I consider myself a good and fiercely protective friend. My greatest wish is to be liked, to be known as accepting and tolerant, and most of all, to make others feel loved and appreciated. Sure, I show qualities that could be considered Ravenclaw, but I think to some extent everyone shows qualities of other Houses. Even Harry was nearly placed in Slytherin. 

As Dumbledore said, it’s your choices that make you who you are. What do you value? What do you consider yourself? Pottermore may be correct most of the time, but sometimes it may be wrong. For instance, sometimes it asks you to choose between heads and tails, black or white, dawn or dusk. I can’t see how that would determine your House placement. Also, the assortment of questions asked may affect your Sorting. I have probably about four Pottermore accounts. Three of them Sorted me into Hufflepuff (one gave me a choice between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw), and one sorted me into Ravenclaw. As I said before, I’m undoubtedly a Hufflepuff. It’s just possible that the questions presented to me happened to be asking questions that would play on my intelligent qualities, incorrectly placing me into Ravenclaw. For example, one of the questions asked me which subject I’d most like to study at Hogwarts, and I chose all of them available to me. Another question asked which path I’d travel down, and I chose the cobblestone road lined with ancient houses. Yes, I’m intelligent and I love to learn–but Hufflepuffs, and any other House, that is, can be so just like Ravenclaw. Again, what do you value? Who do you think you are? 


One thought on “Sorting Controversies (Harry Potter)

  1. I’m a slytherin, that I know for sure. But… I’m also part ravenclaw. I love learning bizarre new things and I value creativity. That being said, it still does not beat my ambition. I guess we are all part of two houses, not just one.

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