My First Kiss (awkwardness included)

I was writing about a topic that’s actually important, but I wasn’t sure where I was going with it, so I just quit. Lacking inspiration, I googled things to blog about. One of them was to describe your first kiss experience, not leaving out any of the awkwardness. 

All through elementary school, I was obsessed with getting my first kiss. I imagined it would be in a wonderfully twilit park, with a fountain bubbling in its center. I’d be wearing a formal dress, and he’d be dressed accordingly. Really, I had it all planned out. I even practiced kissing windows (admit it, we all did). It was going to be perfect. 

The moment finally came when I was twelve, in seventh grade. I’d been “dating” this guy for just over two weeks. We were both in the Advanced Chorus, and we were on a field trip for a singing evaluation. I’ll admit that, being a twelve-year-old girl, I was immature about it. I convinced my friends to ask him to kiss me. I don’t think he was going to originally, but we’d just been given great scores for our singing. We had a winner’s high. Back on the school bus to come home, we sat together. My friends, in the next seat over, started telling goofy ghost stories. Determined to get kissed, I pretended to cry, putting my head in my hands. My “boyfriend” leaned over and asked what was wrong. I looked up, his face was right there, and we just sort of…leaned. I have no recollection of who leaned in first. It just sort of happened. While we were kissing, my friends in the seat over started squealing, “Aw, they’re making out!” We weren’t making out. We were two seventh graders putting our mouth holes against each other. That was all. 

Afterwards, we were both in such shock (it was his first kiss as well) that we both just stared at the front of the bus with blank gazes. When I finally wrapped my mind around what had just happened, I became ecstatically happy and began to beat quick rhythms into the seat in front of me. Once I’d calmed down a little, I tried to lean my head on his shoulder. He thought I was falling over and quickly scooted forward. I landed with my head on the seat right next to his butt. I was mildly mortified.

Like I said, awkwardness included. 

We “broke up” thirteen days later. Yes, it was a short-lived, as most middle school couples are. (I put everything in quotes because I don’t exactly count it as a real dating relationship.) 

It wasn’t perfect. But hey…we were both wearing formal attire. Whaddya know? 



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