The Burdens of Two

I think you should know that my deepest desire
is to mend all your hurt and illumine your fire
Do you see that you’re able to love and inspire,
that you’re really a person to trust and admire?

You won’t give yourself kindness, which you so deserve.
You won’t give yourself credit for all that you’ve earned.
I do miss your smile; I await its return.
For you know I can’t bear when you crash, fall, and burn.

Remember the giggles, the dolls and the bees,
and running through grass on a warm summer’s eve?
No matter the weather, we can both can agree
that burdens and trials aren’t our cup of tea.

But alas, we got older. Yes, this much is true.
Sometime in our lives we matured and we grew.
I tried to be someone of trust and virtue.
I’ve tried and I’ve prayed, so what more can I do?

My heart, it hangs open and wide like a door.
There’s so much to treasure, to love and live for!
I can trust; I can hear; I can plead and implore
But the burdens of two aren’t so light anymore. 




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