My happy place

When I was very young, five or so,  my older brother tried to infiltrate my imaginary world of “Abigail-land.” He told me he’d burned down all the cities, reduced them into ashes. Of course it was all in good fun. It never bothered me that much, because I was fully aware of my secret powers, powers my brother did not hold over Abigail-land. I could always rebuild my city in a matter of seconds, and there would be no way for my brother to destroy it again if I never told him. It was a comfort that there would always be a place where I, and only I, could reach and discover. Nobody else could ever see it in the exact same way. 

Abigail-land has long since faded into memory. Today, I have no name for my imaginary retreat–it’s simply “my happy place.” There are talking animals and clear lakes; there are towering mountains and castles where I can reign in luxury. Pain and sadness don’t exist in my happy place, neither do any people I know in this world. My happy place is distinctly mine, and nobody else will ever be able to destroy it. 

Today, use your imagination to come up with an imaginary place to go when you’re overwhelmed, or just seeking adventure. And remember, it’s nobody else’s–just yours. 

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