Turning Fifteen

Today’s my birthday. I really don’t know where to start here. Do I reflect on my fourteenth year? Do I speculate about my fifteenth? I’m young, so I guess I have many chances to do both. For now, I’m just going to say thank you. If I was a different person, I don’t think I’d even be following my blog. But you guys are. I especially want to thank my veteran readers for bearing with me and my depressed ramblings from this past winter. Thanks to my friends and family, loving me through every goddamn mood episode. You guys are the best. 

Reflecting–hm. I can’t reflect on this past year. It was an up, then a down, and now an up again. I think I’ve come full circle. Well, not quite. I’ve gotten the best friends anyone could possibly wish for. I’ve gotten a little more spicy, if you will. Not in the sexual sense, I mean personally. I stick up for myself a little more. I’m more fiery, but I haven’t lost that dreamy, head-in-the-clouds aura. 

Speculating–I don’t want to do that right now. I don’t want to think about what will happen next. I do enough of that. Today’s my birthday, and I’m gonna party like hell. And, if any of you know me, I take my birthday incredibly seriously. 


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