Clean your rugs

I’m sorry, but Macklemore absolutely looks like an ice cream cone. Maybe butterscotch, or caramel, the little bars we got as children at the park. My favorite thing was always the spinning circle thing. The roundabout, wasn’t it? Actually, no, what am I saying, I liked the swings! I will never grow out of them, I swear, I’ll always have them in my heart. First off, Justin Timberlake is cereal. Certainly, you know, the Grape Nuts, the gross little gravels. Construction workers should really use them more, yes, I say. Do you like Lorde? I’ve really been listening to a lot of her stuff. But of course, I love listening to Titanium the most. Except when it’s too slow and calm for me, I get tired of it sometimes. Then I have to turn to Skrillex and chokecherry dance music and all that jazz. Gosh, I hate jazz music, it’s really not for me. It reminds me of elevators. They smell good, I must give them that. Take a big breath every time you get into an elevator, I swear, they’re wonderful! The other day I ate a cherry. It was sour and it made me feel very nauseous, probably because I found it on the ground. Remember that big Swine Flu outbreak back when I was in fourth grade? I started running around the classroom with hand sanitizer. Hey, you know, this morning and last night, I was running around my house to the Chicken Dance. What fun! My fingers really an’t type fast enough. Honesty, I can’t–oh wow, mind blip right there, what was I going to say? Something about cereal again? No, EDM, I listen to it a lot now. I think going clubbing might be fun, wouldn’t it? I’m only fifteen, so it looks like I can’t really go right now. Ugh, I’m listening to this EDM track again and I am so sick of it. There, now I’ve changed to Skrillex. That’s better. You know when words get caught in your mind, it’s like they’re clogging and you can’t get them out through your fingers? It’s all so much of a flow, go in a single file, please! They say to listen to music that reflects your soul, so I listen to Bangarang a lot. It’s very much wired. Hey look, I’ve learned to type! The other day my fingers were so energized that I couldn’t raven type normally, and everything was coming out very garbled. Gargled. Mangled. That’s such a gruesome word, gross! I should wear some sort of tie, that would be fun. What marbles? Fun Dip! I had Fun Dip in my room from Valentine’s Day years ago, and I Ate it. IT wasn’t bad, don’t worry, it was actually really good. Nothing like that awesome sugar stick!  Syrup can be very sticky, especially when it gets in your hair. Don’t get it there. Clean your rugs, all of you. Make sure to clean your rugs.


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