I love my feelings.

Just a little while ago, I published “I hate my feelings.” Well, I’m going to look at the other side of my extreme emotions. I was born and created as a sensitive soul, so there are benefits. God doesn’t make mistakes. Satan twists what God has given us. So, without further ado, I am going to explain why I love my feelings.

I love my feelings because they help me to be sensitive to others. My heart hurts physically when I hear of tragedy. I love my feelings because they create my strange, zany sense of humor. My feelings help me write, compose, and create art. I am able to accept my tearful, emotional nature, and I am becoming able to gently laugh at myself for it. There’s something beautiful about being able to laugh at oneself. I love my feelings because they’re the sense of elation behind that first sip of a delicious smoothie. They’re the reason I can giggle, feel confident and unstoppable, and express myself. I’m just bursting with life and creative ideas. Those are my feelings at work. Contrary to what I would have thought just a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t trade my feelings for anything.

What a joy it is to feel everything so very deeply.


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