Positive self-talk!

The words you speak over yourself are quite powerful. My most recent depressive episode late last year was not only triggered by winter time (seasonal cyclers, anyone?), but by heaps of horribly cruel and abusive thoughts aimed toward myself. I’ve learned–and am still working on–how to keep negative thoughts from circling around in my head. Here’s what I’ve found helps the most:

1.Talk directly to the thought. If your thought is telling you that you look like trash, tell it to stop. “That is a lie, and you will leave my mind.” Command it. Don’t ask it to stop. Order it to stop.

2.Imagine the mean thought as a physical item (an undesirable one), and destroy it in any way you like. Maybe you like to visualize a greasy cup being smashed. Or you prefer a piece of paper being shredded. Hell, you might even like to think of a moldy piece of banana bread being taken out with the trash. Whatever floats your boat. (My personal favorite is a box being thrown in a lake of fire.)

3. Now, tell yourself the truth–the opposite of whatever your thought was. If your thought was “I’m a piece of shit”, try thinking something like “I’m a beautiful gem” or “I’m a delectable slice of pizza fresh out of the oven.” Again, whatever speaks to you.

It’s important that if you feel like harming yourself, tell somebody about your urges. Also,stay the fuck away from privacy if possible.Go somewhere where you can be seen. If you’re home alone, call somebody and stay on the phone until you’re not alone anymore, or your urges go away. This is literally the most important thing.

But yeah. Don’t be mean to yourself. Treat yourself how you’d treat your dearest loved one.


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