Hello, my lovely readers! I apologize for the absence. I just happened to be thousands of miles away from home on vacation! It was a sensational experience, with the exception of a few issues, which I will not go in to. 

During the trip, I got to fly. Airplanes, ski lifts, and parasailing–lots of flying. And, as you all could probably guess, flying has always been something dear to my heart. In fact, that’s the very reason I love swings so much. Anyway, being so high up helped me widen my perspective. When I looked down flying over Arizona, I saw deep cracks in the earth. It was as if they’d been gouged out with a giant chisel. Parasailing was literally the closest thing I’ve ever come to truly flying. Even the ski lift made me feel light and feathery. Finally, flying home over a dark earth, I saw lights burning bright beneath me. I was looking down upon a starry sky. Suddenly, I felt like my problems really weren’t all that bad. And I really can’t explain anything beyond that. I guess you just have to know by experience to understand. 


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