Ad Analysis 1: Clean and Clear Acne Wash

Okay. I’ve had a problem with this ad since the first time I saw it. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I’m overreacting. But I feel the need to discuss it anyway, because something just sounded off about it. 

“When I have a huge zit on my face, everyone’s talking to that part of my face.” 

Okay. In the first five seconds of the ad, we’re hearing insecurity. I get it, nobody likes acne. But honestly? Do people really stare at your zit when they’re talking to you? Of course not. Now, I would understand that it could feel that way, but it’s not. It makes me sad that a product is being sold to me on basis of insecurity. Why the insecurity? Why? 

“I don’t want people to remember me as the girl with the zit, I want them to remember me as me.”

Let me ask you something, readers. When you talk to somebody with a zit, do you remember them as the person with the zit? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that no, you don’t. Most people understand that stuff like this happens. Hell, most people won’t even remember! They will remember you because of what you said and how you said it. Not a zit.

I’m not discouraging the use of this product or any similar products at all. All I’m saying is that I think products like this should be advertised better. To me, this ad could be harmful to young teenage and preteen girls who are already feeling very insecure in their bodies. It’s implying that if they don’t use that product, people will remember them solely for their acne, which is an inaccurate representation of how most people feel, and planting seeds of doubt in our girls’ hearts about their faces. There is so much more to you as a person than a simple pimple (rhyming, hello!), and anyone who fails to recognize that is not worth your while. 

Overall, use this product like you would soap and deodorant. It’s something used for hygiene, that’s it. Nothing more. Does that make sense? Does anything I’ve discussed make sense? I hope so.

Love yourselves! 



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