Meaningful Lives

Are you living a meaningful life? Honestly, I’m going to assume you aren’t. What have you done? You’ve broken promise after promise, ignored resolution after resolution. Sure, you go to school or work, check your emails…but is that living? Are you living? 

Most of us are just average people, simply faces in the crowd. We believe in causes, but we don’t stand for them. We’re full of ideas that never take form. Our hopes and dreams don’t become realities–and most likely, they never will, at the rate we’re going.Think about what you did today. Were you writing letters to people in power demanding change? Were you saving wildlife? Were you standing up for disadvantaged minorities? No. You were lounging around your house marathoning your stupid TV show. You were at work, or paying bills, or doing your summer math packets for school. Sure, those things are important. They’re practical matters. But when was the last time you took a stand for something? Have you actually done anything with your life? What about your goals? You want to exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and support animal rights…but you don’t. And you never have. The most you’ve ever done for your cause is sign a petition on It’s all in the comfort of your warm living room and your cheap Kmart lounge pants. 

Look at us. We’re a bunch of lazy slobs, overworked students and employees, and idle human beings. Reflect on this past year. Kudos to you if you’ve gone to South Sudan and helped starving teenage mothers, organized a local pride parade, or tutored children in poor inner city areas. You’re a small percentage of the developed world. The rest of us are good-hearted people who would love to do all those things, but won’t get off our sorry asses and actually start doing them. We’re more concerned with Netflix, tumblr, and back-to-school shopping.

I’m sick of being the idle majority. I want to do something with my life, because I’ve done nothing. All I’ve done this year is sit around, write a few lukewarm blog posts, and hurt everyone I’ve ever loved. I don’t want to live my life like this. I want to be meaningful. 

Anyone with me? 





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