Concerning tumblr

I like tumblr for its humor and, if you’re looking in the right tags, positivity. But I’ve been getting really fed up with some of the self-righteous “social justice warriors.” I use quotes because I don’t think real social justice tears people down, name-calls, or tramples on people who see things differently. I wrote the following post about something that especially makes me mad.

“Okay. I’ve seen a lot of posts going around saying stuff like “wow, he’s a piece of shit.” And you know what? That’s not okay. It’s not okay to call somebody a piece of shit. Because every life has worth. Even racist lives. Homophobic lives. Sexist lives. Yes, EVERY life. When you call somebody a piece of shit, you’re reducing their very humanness to something disposable, undesirable, and worthless. Would you ever say that? Would you ever tell someone, “Your life is completely meaningless. You don’t matter. If you disappeared from this planet, flushed away forever, not a soul would care.” If, for some reason, you can’t see anything wrong with tossing trash on somebody’s entire identity, at least know that resorting to personal insults indicates poor debating skills. When you are arguing a point, you need to back up your claims with logic and evidence. Insulting your opponent is neither logical nor evidence-based. It’s very disappointing to read a wonderfully convincing argument that’s concluded by a personal attack.

Please, as long as you continue to use that phrase towards other human beings—living, breathing human beings who cry, laugh, and bleed—don’t consider yourself a champion of justice and tolerance.”

I added a follow-up post with a softer attitude.

“Sometimes, when you post or reblog, you may not be thinking about the implications of that post. It might mean something completely different to you—but when you realize its implications, it’s too late. You can delete the post, but your followers—and any other person in the world who was looking at your blog—have already seen it. That’s why it’s important to think before you post. It’s okay if you’ve made these mistakes. I have. I think we all have. You’re a good person who made a bad mistake. Don’t beat up on yourself. Just take steps to improve. :)”

Am I the only one who really has a problem with some of those SJWs? I’ve been a frequent tumblr user for over a year, and recently it’s been bugging me. I used to blindly accept everything, but I’ve really been trying to think deeper and more critically. It’s really eye-opening.


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