Female Attraction & Lies in the Church

The topic of sex is kind of a taboo in the Christian/church community. Personally, I don’t think it’s discussed enough, but when it is, it’s too often riddled with shame and misunderstanding. There are double standards and destructive lies, particularly against women.

For example: you’re always hearing stuff like, “guys care about sex, girls care about love.” I’m beyond exhausted with this one. I can’t speak for all girls, but love is somewhere next to getting a nose stud on my priority list. Would I like a nose stud? Yes, actually, I would. Do I care about it enough to pursue it at this point in my life? Not really. Sex is probably more important to me right now.

And take sexual attraction. Male desire is always being talked about. Resist temptation, brothers in Christ. Lust is a huge problem you’ll have to face, boys. What about us? Do girls not experience that as well? I’d like to hear people talk about female sexual attraction and its temptations. There should be discussions about the desires we deal with.

Additionally, the modesty demand is almost always placed on us girls. Now, you must know that I’m no modesty advocate (you can read my opinion on that here). But if you’re going to be a proponent of that, at least make sure it goes both ways. I can’t wear shorts above my fingertips or tank tops thinner than two fingers wide, but guys can parade with wet tee shirts clinging to their muscular torsos and trunks halfway down their crotch. It’s because girls are assumed to be “less visual.” I’m sorry, but to be blunt, a guy with a six-pack is hot. This goes both ways. (Of course, as I reference in my linked post, I don’t believe that anybody should dress to avoid “tempting” another person, because we are all responsible for our actions.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that girls have hormones, too. We get turned on. We care about sex. Hopefully the world, specifically the church, can start to understand.


2 thoughts on “Female Attraction & Lies in the Church

  1. And what would you have the church do about it? Their current stance, in my understanding, is that parents should be the ones teaching their kids about sex. you know the whole “The Talk” deal. If the church taught on sex, would they not have to teach what they thought was right? There is not much in the bible about sex itself, aside from not having it outside of marriage. Right off that creates a problem for the Church because their job is not to create morals, or decide what is right and wrong or proper or any of those things. Their job is to teach the word of God, and the bible and how to live it out. If they taught the Church version of Sex Ed that would only be their own opinion. And if they did that, people would have just as much of a problem with that as you are having with them not teaching on it as much.

  2. Oh, and as I guy, I can say I am offended by the idea that guys only care about sex. yet I see it a lot, mostly in jokes, but the idea is there. That guys only care about sex and stuff. Its not true, so you can’t take what ignorant, or a minority of people say as the actual view point of a people group.

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