An Evening

This morning, I had my first AP exam. It was mentally exhausting. (Extreme mental exhaustion also leads to physical exhaustion for me.) When the proctors announced that we were dismissed, cheers erupted. Most of us opted out of continuing the rest of the school day–and rightfully so. When I arrived at home, my mom and brother took me out for IHOP. Happier with a full belly, but still worn-out, I curled up on the sofa with my cat and took a mini nap. When I woke up, I took my computer upstairs, wasted a bunch of time on the internet, and slipped in and out of another nap on my floor. I had a pillow and several blankets, with which I used to wrap myself in a human burrito. Still groggy and burrito’ed, I got to Skype call my best friend. I acted drunk–silliness is a product of exhaustion–but it was still very much an enjoyable call. After that, I slept a wee bit more on my bed, which I had fortunately moved to before the call. Still exhausted, I decided that a run would wake me up a little. It was a wonderful run. I divided it into two parts, with a playground swing break in between. When I returned home, I got to taste some of my brother’s interesting squid dish. It was good! And showers are always great. My body wash is coconut, my shaving gel is mandarin orange blast (whatever that actually means), and my shampoo is Moroccan argan oil. I smell like a freaking beach cocktail. Then I spent more time relaxing on the internet.

I guess I didn’t really have a purpose for writing this. It’s just been an good evening. I finally feel completely refreshed. You know, it only took twelve hours. 🙂


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