The Effort of Writing

My previous post, 7 Common Misconceptions About Teenagers, took an assload of time to write, if I’m being blunt. I am one very exhausted writer. Yet here I am, continuing to write. I want to get used to this. This could be my life. Sitting by a computer with a glass of milk, lounging in my pajamas, but still working hard. It takes more out of you than you might think.

I spread out my last post over three days–nights, I should say. I’m a night owl when it comes to productivity. Each day, I worked for several hours. I never timed myself, so the exact number will never be known. It wasn’t easy. First, I had to think of the idea. Then, I had to list out the points I was going to make. I had to decide how I was going to deliver the information. Next, I had to actually start writing. The introductory paragraph isn’t a walk in the park; in fact, I often spend up to an hour just trying to begin a post. Each of my seven points was like a blog post in and of itself. And I wasn’t just writing the whole time. I had my thesaurus and dictionary up. I had to do a little research. I had to tweak things to make sure they weren’t painfully redundant. After I’d finished with the conclusion paragraph, I had to read back over everything, change wording for grammar and clarity, and check to see if the “vibe” felt right.

Writing isn’t just floating around on a cloud. It takes a lot of exertion. Some posts are easier than others, but even those are not something you can create in your sleep. It all depends on what you’re trying to communicate and who you’re intending to write for.

I’m trying to increase both the frequency of output and the quality of my posts. Hopefully I’ll be switching to daily (or at least bi-weekly) updates. I’m going to be training for running again, because I’ve lost a lot of fitness this summer. School is beginning in just a few days. It’s going to be busy, but I want to do this. I want to prove to the world that I’m not a fragile little teddy bear who can’t get anything done on her own. I’m a strong woman who’s able to meet life’s demands.


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