It starts tomorrow. The beginning of another nine months of my life. Waking up with something to go do every day. Surrounded by responsibility, work, people, and at some point, stress. I’m more nervous than I should be. What if I can’t live up to last year? I really did make a difference then. I don’t want to just fade away. I want to keep helping and influencing people.

If school was just a one month thing, I wouldn’t be so nervous. But it’s like I’m being locked into nine months of life, and that just seems daunting to me. I’m not afraid of commitment. No, I could never be one of those people who never commits and never settles down. I like committing to things, actually–but I just don’t know. School is such a large portion of my life. It’s not just one area. It affects my time, my relationships, my personal schedule, even my thought processes. Every school year, a new struggle comes my way. It’s been such a good summer, and I don’t want that to end. I don’t want to be slapped in the face with more difficulties.

It’s just kinda overwhelming.

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