Recognizing Me

If I had to describe myself to teachers and students, here’s how I would put it…

You could recognize me as the casual kid. I don’t wear makeup or fancy jewelry. I don’t come in heels (from time to time I’ll wear high-heel boots, though) or dresses. Come to think of it, I’m almost constantly wearing jeans of some form. I smile a lot, mostly when I make eye contact. Smiles can soften hearts and ease minds. I’m not too much of a talker. I’ll probably introduce myself if there’s a chance, maybe ask how you’re doing to be friendly. I’m kind of dorky, but that’s alright–I just chuckle about it. My sense of humor is softly self-deprecating. I try to be a nice person–pick up your supplies, lend you a pencil, or grab some assignment handouts for you. During class, I’ll usually be gazing off into the distance. You’ll see the characteristic “glazed-over” look (I do try to pay attention, though). I’m not a loud person. I speak and laugh softly, and I won’t be sitting in the front-and-center desk if I can help it. However, I won’t sit in the far back corner, because I do like to see what’s going on. I find the happy medium. You’ll notice me speak up or raise my hand if I care about something–usually in one of my favorite classes. There’s a characteristic spark I have; I’ll sort of light up. In these favorite classes, I’ll be more involved in activities, usually after I take some time to get acclimated to the new environment. After a while, you’ll notice that I become a bit more outgoing in my favorite classes. (I just need to “scout it out” first.) In classes I don’t like, or if I’m not fully confident in the subject, I probably won’t open up–so you won’t see me raising my hand often or asking to go up to the board. I’ll always have a notebook on me. Half the time I’ll be doodling in it. That’s okay, because sometimes doodling helps me focus more. If there’s a chance to be creative, I’ll jump at it. Even in classes I’m not confident in, I’ll put creative drawings or poems in the margins of my papers. Sometimes they’re lighthearted, sometimes they’re even satirical or social commentary. I’m not afraid to share my mind as long as it’s on paper. Throughout the year, you might see me cry a little. I try to hide it, but it’s probably at least a little bit noticeable. In that case, I try to excuse myself to use the restroom. I procrastinate, so I’ll turn stuff in late sometimes. I miss things. My work ethic isn’t stellar.

Basically, I’ll get the most out of class if I can work in an unstructured environment that allows for plenty of creativity. I enjoy artistic and expressive projects that I can complete by myself. (I don’t like working in groups mostly because I have my own vision of how I want something to turn out. Also, I don’t want to feel obligated to move quickly and get stuff in exactly on time.)

Welcome to Abigail. 🙂


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