Go To Sleep

Your mind is running in circles, tangling itself into a tight ball of anxious what-ifs. Your eyes are full of hot tears. The world snarls at you with menacing teeth. Problems loom over you like black clouds in front of jagged mountains.

Just go to sleep.

Go to sleep. Nothing seems beautiful when you’re out of bed at three in the morning, wrapped in a blanket and sobbing over a failed paper. Your brain is fooling you tonight. Close your eyes and watch this wretched night fade away into the abyss of time. I promise that it won’t seem so scary in the morning. Tomorrow, this won’t plague you. Tomorrow, you’ll take a deep breath and realize how much lighter your mind is. There’ll be a fresh spring in your step, one that can only be granted by a new dawn. The world still turns around and around, waltzing with the stars above you. The sun still smiles; the wind still breathes. And so will you.


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