Stream of Consciousness: Tonight

Yesterday, I wrote about the stream of consciousness technique. Tonight, I’m going to put it into practice myself, because I’m short on ideas. (Actually, I have some ideas, but I’m too exhausted to put them all together right now. I promised myself I’d commit to blogging every day, so we’ll see how this goes.)

Online textbooks. I hate online textbooks. Will I be tired tomorrow morning? I was so tired I dropped my pencil. Literally, right there on the floor. Geometry class. That was last year. I’m so glad I’m not a sophomore anymore. Eh, that wasn’t a terrible year. Not as bad as freshman year. I used to have blue glasses. They were kind of tacky. Thumbtacks. Glue. Camp. I miss camp. I learned a lot of leadership skills. Grammar. Grammar. Grammar. My brain is seriously stalling right now. Bathroom stalls. I hate stall-to-stall conversation. Like, I’m not going to talk to you when I’m peeing. Gross. Please save it. Everything not saved will be lost. That’s a computer quote. I saw it on a tee shirt. I wear tee shirts too much. Oh well. I’m okay with that. I need to get back to work.

There you have it. The mind of a high school student during homework.


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