Crying is too often considered a weak surrender, an admission to defeat. Here, I define crying not just as the flow of tears, because there are some of us (not me!) who are naturally not criers; nobody should be put down for being a certain way. Crying can be any form of releasing emotion. There’s so much pressure to be a constant pillar of strength in this world, so we choke back our suffering and condemn it as something to be avoided. But imagine adopting a healthier approach to crying. Imagine it as an act of immense courage and strength.

There is something so wonderful about acknowledging one’s own suffering. Forgetting societal expectations of perpetual fortitude. Being brave enough to admit that we’re not always brave enough. Daring to look pain in the eye rather than turn away in denial, and even more so, realizing that maybe pain shouldn’t be seen as an enemy or something to be defeated. If suffering is the teacher, crying helps us discover the lessons. We were made to break down and lose our grip sometimes. Letting go is beautiful. New and precious beginnings can only be accepted by open hands.


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