“Rules For Dating My Daughter”

If I see one more “rules for dating my daughter” tee shirt, picture quote, or reference, I will hurl. I will. All over that controlling, patronizing load of crap. At first glance, you might think it’s cute. Aw, what a sweet daddy trying to protect his daughter. That’s fatherly love for ya! But when you think more deeply about it, you start to realize the more disturbing implications. By creating “rules” for his daughter, the father is taking away her autonomy. She’s no longer calling the shots on what she wants for herself. Her father is not viewing her as the individual she is; rather, he’s trying to dictate her life, almost as if she’s property. He’s undermining her ability to think for herself and make decisions.

Real fatherly love is trusting in a daughter’s capability to author her own dating rules, and respecting her as a separate, independent woman.

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