The Lifeblood of Your Story

A few months ago, I began the first draft of a short story. The more time I spent writing, the further in love I fell with my characters. At the very end, I cried. And no, I don’t mean a few small tears. I mean snotty, ugly, face-scrunching sobs. Because I’d spent so much time with my characters, I’d started to empathize with them just as if they were tangible beings.

Robert Frost once said, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” It’s true–how can you evoke passion in someone else if you don’t have it yourself? Your characters are the lifeblood of your story. Become passionate about them first. Treat them like friends. Invest in who they are. Be a part of their story; live in it and breathe the very air you’re creating. I promise they’ll thank you for it.

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