In the past few months, I’ve been experiencing deep nostalgia. No, more than nostalgia. I’ve been hit head-on by a sense of profound longing and reflection. It began when I started working with the kids at my church back in June. We were all working on setup before VBS, and I suddenly realized how much I wanted to be five again. That continued until August, at which point we started preparing for camp with the older kids. It was then that I started wishing I was a camper again. When school started in September, I was overcome with longing for my freshman year. It feels almost like homesickness. As time fades on, I engage with a different period of my life that directly correlates to the season or situation. I start obsessing over my own past, ruminating on anything that went right and everything that went wrong. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it provides me with more opportunities for introspection. I can’t say it’s good, either. Maybe this wistfulness is a natural part of aging. My mind simply has to catch up to the present moment.


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