Leadership is hailed as one of the most skills one could have. Interviews, applications, and resumes are centered around it. We’re taught that being a follower is awful, and that everybody should step up and blaze the trail.

The thing is, though, how can you have a leader without followers? If everybody took charge, we’d all be working independently, and most likely in disharmony with one another. Nothing would get done. We need people to remain in the background, helping to advance the cause or project. It’s just like a stage production. There could be no play or musical without people to create and move props, manipulate lighting, and perform in supporting roles. That’s not to say that leadership isn’t a good skill to learn. Everybody will have to be a leader at some point in life, and it’s important to prepare for those necessary moments. However, some people function much better in behind-the-scenes roles, and that doesn’t make them any less capable, valuable, or intelligent. There can be no leader without a follower just as there can be no brain without a heart and body.

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