Paying Attention

It’s day one of National Do Things You’re Bad At Week. Today, I attempted to pay attention during the church sermon. As I expected, it was a failure. And I say failure in a gentle, positive way.

My attention span just isn’t great, at least when it comes to things that aren’t particularly interesting for me. It’s not that I can’t sit still. In fact, quite the opposite; I’m a rather sedentary person who would actually prefer to sit still. My mind is what becomes restless. I find myself mentally wandering off to somewhere far away, or reading, or writing in my journal. Sometimes I whisper to my friends or laugh at a joke I made up in my own mind. It’s just difficult to stare at a priest and comprehend everything I’m hearing. I’m not an auditory learner by any means.

I’m not sure how I’m going to be a normal, responsible adult. Adults’ minds never wander; they always seem focused and attentive, whispering “amen” at all the appropriate times. They never pull out their books or phones. It’s like they have superhuman powers of concentration. One day I’ll be like them, I guess. But then again, I kind of don’t want to. For some reason, I get my best ideas when I’m supposed to be focusing on something else.


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