The Quiet

I once met a girl who was constantly listening to music–at home, at school, in the car–she even had one earbud in when having conversations. When I asked her if she always listened to music, she replied, “Yes, I try to.”

I felt very sad for that girl, because I think it’s vitally important to learn how to listen to nothing. The thought of constantly having something talking to me or playing in my ear makes me feel sick. There’s beauty in silence. In fact, our best ideas can come when we’re just being still and reveling in that beauty. This world is already so full of noise and commotion–in fact, quietness could almost be viewed as a treat or reward. Of course, music is powerful and inspiring. I love it just as much as the next girl, and I do spend a lot of time listening to it. But I also love to turn off the music and listen to what my mind has to say. Thoughts don’t always roar. Sometimes you have to turn life’s volume down and listen to them whisper, listen to the quiet.


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