Changing My Life

I’ve always told myself that I’ll start making changes in my life once I’m on my own. As that time approaches, I’m beginning to realize that I’ll always find excuses. Once I have my own place, I’ll say I’ll wait till I have a steady job. Then I’ll wait until I’m married. Until I have kids, until the kids are in high school…eventually I’ll just die. I have to start now. I realized this after I had a heavy breakfast of doughnuts and a day of doing absolutely nothing but wasting time on the internet. My mind, body, and spirit are precious things–beings, really–that deserve special care. deserve special care. Here’s how I’m going to work on each aspect of my life:

  • Body. My body is very important; it houses my mind and spirit. I’m going to start running again, three to four times a week. My goal is to work up to a 10K, or a full hour of running. (I discussed my relationship with running in a previous post.) Also, I’m going to start eating right. Yes, I’m an enormous foodie, and yes, doughnuts are fantastic, but I believe that bodily peace is found elsewhere. I want to start living on vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grass-fed meats, fish, and seeds. My body will feel healthier, and ultimately, more peaceful.
  • Mind. The internet is a wonderful resource, but it can also take up a lot of time. I want to drastically decrease the amount of time I spend online, replacing those wasted screen hours with reading and writing. If the internet is cake to the mind, books are a healthy meal. By spending more time nourishing my brain with books and pages, I’ll find more peace within. And yes, I realize that blogging involves the internet. In that respect, I will still have a decent amount of screen time, but I will eliminate excessive social media and Buzzfeed quizzes. (I’m a quiz junkie, not gonna lie.)
  • Spirit. The spirit is our core, our lifeblood. It is arguably the most important area to cultivate on the journey to ultimate peace. I want to meditate every day. It will improve my focus, balance, and mental stability. Hopefully, by intentionally eliminating distractions, it will be easier to spend my time reading, writing, and exercising. Hopefully, I’ll also do more journaling–it’s good to let those tangled thoughts out on paper rather than allowing them to brew and fester.

All of this is quite a stretch, but I believe I can do it. After all, faith in oneself is the first step on every personal journey.


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