Your Crystal

Everyone has a beautiful crystal at their core. The crystal reflects who we are and who we could be. Each glow is different. Some are deeply golden, some are a tranquil violet, others are a startling blue–it varies based on our unique personalities. When we do something good and true, or when we care for ourselves, the crystal glows. The crystal saddens and dims when faced with negativity. People who neglect to tend to their inner being or who constantly treat themselves and others poorly will never realize the true color of their crystal. It will remain hard, shriveled, and dull, full of stifled beauty.

But no crystal is hopeless. There is good within each human life; it only needs to be nurtured. Once a crystal glows, it begins to unleash its power–the power of potential. This is the power we use to change the world. This is the power we use to help others, help ourselves, and find true serenity. It pulses through and radiates out of us, glowing in its own extraordinary way. One can feel it when someone’s crystal is bright and healthy. It has an unmistakable, undeniable allure. So be good to yourself. Be good to others. See beauty, find peace, and live wholeheartedly. Your crystal will strengthen you.


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