The Could Be

The Human stands at the edge of a cliff, gazing at an immensely vast forest on the other side of the canyon. The forest is called the Want To Be. It is bright and startlingly green against the burnt expanse of desert that rolls onward in every other direction. A thousand rivers of diamond water bend and curl through the forest, giving the illusion of heaven and crystalline bliss. Some have reached the Want To Be, and others haven’t. Some want to go, and others don’t. It is a heaven reserved for a certain few. The Human steps closer to the edge, ready to jump across. Anybody could see that the rift is far too wide to be crossed, but he cannot be stopped. The Human jumps, and of course, falls. When he plummets into the earth, miles below him, he simply stands up, struggles back up the side of the cliff, and attempts yet again.

The Human has been bumping and bruising himself trying to reach the Want To Be for years, but fails to notice what is behind him. If he would simply turn around, he would see another canyon. This canyon is just as vast and deep as the one he is trying to cross, but here, there is a long tightrope. On the other side of this canyon is a forest–softer, rounder, more true to The Human’s desires. It is called the Could Be. Accidentally, The Human glances behind him and lays eyes on the softer forest. He is suddenly captured. When he turns back to the Want To Be, he sees nothing but a normal forest. His desire no longer lies within it. Somehow, the Want To Be is no longer the Want To Be. It is just a forest. And, similarly, the Could Be has become the Want To Be; they are one in the same. Perhaps, he wonders, each person’s Could Be looks different; to strive for another’s Could Be is to ignore one’s own. The Human sets out on the tightrope, pensive and determined, finally able to reach his dream.


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