Sex Obsession

I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened–I watch a movie, and there are sex scenes and romantic plot lines that weren’t included in the book (which was, as books tend to be, much better). It gets annoying. I don’t appreciate movie producers changing the story just to satisfy our culture’s ravenous appetite for sex.

It’s rampant outside of the film world, too. We see it in commercials all the time. We’re surrounded by talk of it. It’s seen in selfies and on social media. And we do read it in books. Why? Perhaps because we, as a society, are out of control. Our sense of duty and personal responsibility seems to be dwindling. We want to satisfy ourselves–whether to fill an emptiness or just have a little fun–and get hooked. Advertising companies know this, so they capitalize on our obsessions. Sex sells. The more we’re surrounded, the more we throw self-restraint to the winds. The less self-restraint we have, the more susceptible we are to sex-related advertising. It becomes a vicious cycle.

On the other side of things, there are those who are obsessed with the absence of sex. They go to great lengths to shelter themselves from anything remotely related to physical intimacy. Sex becomes something shameful, hush-hush, and never to be spoken of. Healthy self-exploration is frowned upon. They make sex into an enemy, to the point where even saying the word makes them shudder. This is where we encounter the failure of abstinence-only education. This is how preteens and teenagers hate themselves and feel guilty for experiencing natural, biological desires. These intimacy-shamers would vehemently disagree with you if you told them that they were obsessed with sex, but it’s true. They become obsessed with the avoidance of it. It’s just as unhealthy as those who constantly indulge in it.

I wish sex didn’t have to be such a huge deal at either extreme. It isn’t a god or a devil, an angel or a demon. Sex is a part of human life. And, as with most things in life, it should be in moderation.



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