A Friendly Letter to Tumblr

To be completely honest, a large percentage of this website has a stick up its ass. Get over yourselves, take a breath of fresh air (I mean actual, outside air) and realize that the real world doesn’t revolve around you. People aren’t going to cater to your every sensitivity, nor are they going to hand you everything you want on a silver platter. Nobody’s going to walk on eggshells to avoid offending you. You’re going to be offended sometimes. That’s life.

Sometimes people have different opinions, and that’s fine. The whole world isn’t going to conform to your vision of perfection all the time. For a site full of supposedly tolerant individuals, you act pretty closed-minded sometimes. If somebody’s opinion–no matter how wrong you feel it is–isn’t personally targeting anyone, is it worth arguing about? If something’s really awful, and you think it’s absolutely imperative that it should be discussed, at least try approaching it differently. People aren’t going to respond well to, “you piece of human trash, go choke on your bigoted beliefs!!” 

And honestly, I can’t pretend I haven’t acted whiny before. I’ll admit it: one of my faults is arguing on Facebook. Whenever one of my precious values is trod upon, I feel like I have to be a hero and “correct” the poster. It’s something I’m having to work on. Internet debates rarely do anything but make people mad.

There’s nothing wrong with standing up for your beliefs–yes, even on the internet–but you’re going to have to pick your battles. Sometimes you’re gonna have to let things go. Again, that’s life. Get off Tumblr. Most of you even admit that you spend too much time there. The real world is tough, but a lot more rewarding in the end. You’ll accomplish more out there, anyway.


One thought on “A Friendly Letter to Tumblr

  1. I don’t get all thing thing about avoiding negativity.

    Okay, I do. I was like this once.

    Standing up for your beliefs is overrated. You could be wrong. If someone disagrees with you, use that opportunity to learn. Maybe you can learn something by confronting a different opinion. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind. We should stop championing ‘standing up for your beliefs’.

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