Ache for Freedom

We live in a society where almost everything is listed, labeled, and scheduled. We’re evaluated based percentage points and numerical scores. Our lives revolve around agendas of hours and minutes. Maybe some people work well within those structured systems, but not me. I long for a free life.

One day I’ll escape all this. I’ll spend my days relaxing and deciding how I want to spend my time. If I want to sleep from 2-11 AM, I will. Maybe I’ll write some short stories or become a professional blogger, setting my own hours. I won’t be graded or given GPAs, nor will I have to worry about SATs and strict exams.

I am a human being. Ten thousand words cannot fully describe me. How, then, am I supposed to live up to a single letter? It’s unfathomable. I don’t want to spend my precious days shackled to labels. I ache for freedom.


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